About Us

Interact Media Defined (IMD), one of South Africa’s leading multi-media magazine publishers, with a strong stable of well-established titles, has purchased Trademax Publications’ three titles, effective as of 1 August 2016. This means that Timber iQ, SA Roofing and SA Affordable Housing will now form part of the IMD media offering.

The Trademax management team has been strategising ways to adapt to the current challenging market conditions while accommodating evolving client needs in today’s fast-paced marketing arena. “The acquisition of the titles by IMD offers an ideal way forward for the publications to grow while capitalising on their established market position and reach,” explains Billy Perrin, founder and outgoing publisher of Trademax Publications.

IMD has a wide range of products focused on building services, mining, construction, energy, civil engineering, water and more that perfectly complement the three Trademax titles. Our multimedia service offering, along with our understanding of the built environment and mining industry, allow us to work with our clients to find the solution best suited to their specific needs, no matter what their industry.

Find out more by visiting our website: www.interactmedia.co.za

Our Team

Jacqui Marsh -  SA Roofing & SA Affordable Housing Advertising Sales
Contact me: jacqui@interactmedia.co.za
or call 0861 727 663 or 079 707 1952
Angie Martin - Timber iQ & SA Affordable Housing Advertising Sales
Contact me: angie@interactmedia.co.za
or call 0861 727 663 or 073 300 6556
Belinda Thwesha - Administrative Assistant
Contact me: belinda@interactmedia.co.za
or call 021 595 3422
Craig Patterson - Production & Web Manager
Contact me: craig@interactmedia.co.za
or call 082 895 6955