SA Affordable Housing is a unique publication that is dedicated entirely to the subject of affordable housing in South Africa today. We address topics and issues relating directly to rural and urban infrastructure planning and development and the delivery of affordable housing. SA Affordable Housing does not support any view that lends itself to the construction of new shacks and slums.

This publication is grounded in the absolute conviction that every South African must have access to a home and that these homes, and the infrastructure that supports them, must be of a standard that is reflective of the needs and dignity of our citizens.

Some of our Readers

  • Main and Subcontractors
    (levels 3 – 9 as per the CIDB Register of Contractors)
  • Civil & Consulting Engineers
  • Architects & Quantity Surveyors
  • Government Departments (local, provincial & national) that are directly responsible and involved with the delivery of housing and supporting infrastructure
  • NGOs that specialise in affordable housing
  • Relevant Associations, Institutes, Foundations, etc.
  • Product & Service Providers


The editorial policy of our magazine is geared to streamline the delivery of vital and current trade information from credible and respected authorities in the industry to a highly targeted audience. SA Affordable Housing distributes 4 000 copies monthly to a range of associated industries and promotional distribution at industry events.

In addition to our 4 000 monthly readers, SA Affordable Housing also has a growing number of online readers, both locally and abroad.

SA Affordable Housing is the medium that will present your products, services and ideals to this ever-important audience. We are committed to this project, keeping these homes and their inhabitants at heart.

If you share our vision and support our cause, then SA Affordable Housing should and can be an integral part of your communications process. Every effort and positive contribution to our publication is vital to the success of our meaningful challenge.

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